I Just Want Back In Your Head…

You may or may not notice, but I changed shapes! Yes! I have never bought anyone’s shape before, but I felt like I needed a change and everything i was creating just ended up looking like one another anyways! So, I went onto Marketplace and searched and looked around and I came across Panda Punx.  Really nice shapes imo and I thought the price (399L) was very very reasonable considering the shapes are mod. This way I can keep what I like on the shape and tweak parts I feel just aren’t “me”. Panda Punx also gives you very detailed styling cards so that if you would like, you can look just like the ad for the shape. I tried this shape, Karina on quite a few different skins and noticed that I liked it best with Essences skins, but this may just be my preference. 




Skin: Wednesday – Essences
Hair: Zendaya in Frappuchinno – Truth 

Top: Cotton Sweater in Peach Ombre – Villena @ SFW
Pants: Leather leggings in Black – Villena
Shoes: Penelope Platforms in Taupe – Vive 9
Bag: Amanda Handbacg in Sand – Leverocci

Earrings: Amelia Studs Earrings in Gold – Pure Poison
Collar: Amelia Studs Collar in Gold – Pure Poison
Watch: Sitennoah in Black – Mandala
R. Ring: Epic Ring 5.0 – [7891.]
L. Ring: Emiss Ring Set in 01 Gold – [7891.]



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